Metal Mitzvah



Earlier this summer, guitarist/vocalist Charles Elliott of Abysmal Dawn and Bereft fame appeared on the Death To All Tour, which was meant to raise awareness for the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, a charity organization that “provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians who are struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability, or age-related problems.” Now Elliott is once again doing something totally rad to benefit Sweet Relief — he’s auctioning off the above ESP LTD Viper 100FM guitar, which has been signed by both Elliott and all of his bandmates in both Abysmal Dawn and Bereft, including Intronaut’s Sacha Dunable and Derek Rydquist, formerly of The Faceless.

Here’s a statement from Elliott regarding the cause:

“Hey everyone, I’m auctioning off a guitar I won in a drunken heavy metal karaoke night a few months ago at a SCION event. Proceeds go towards the Sweet Relief charity, the same charity involved with the DEATH TO ALL shows, to help musicians without health insurance cover their medical expenses. All the dudes from ABYSMAL DAWN and BEREFT autographed this sucker, which means some dudes from INTRONAUT, NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW and THE FACELESS signed it as well. It’s a killer guitar but if you rather not play it I’m sure it will look great hanging in your living room or over your toilet in some glass container.

“Just a little story about how I won the guitar. SCION threw a free heavy metal karaoke party a while back with an open bar. A couple of friends went including MMA fighter Josh Barnett and Cattle Decapitation singer Travis Ryan. A couple of drinks in and I thought it would be fun to get up and sing a song, if only because everyone up to that point was so goddamn awful. I got up and sang ‘Behind the Crooked Cross’ by SLAYER, Josh did ‘Ace of Spades’ by Motörhead and Travis did ‘Shout Out the Devil’ by Mötley Crüe. Needless to say we brought the house down. By the end of the night, I had unintentionally won a guitar I had no idea I was competing for. Considering I’m a ‘professional’ musician I thought it was a bit unfair that I won the guitar. Also, considering I already have ton of killer guitars from Fernandes Guitars I didn’t really need it. In the end, I figured the noblest thing to do was auction this bad boy off for a good cause.

“So that’s my story. Bid high, bid fast, and good luck!”

The auction ends on September 5; as of this writing, the bidding is up $118.50, which strikes me as a steal. This is obviously all for a good cause, and properly displayed, that bad boy would look pretty sweet on your wall, wouldn’t it?

Bid here.



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