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Daniel Cordova, who you hopefully know from the awesome Tumblr page Polite Metal Lyrics, recently interviewed The Faceless’ Michael Keene for Sacramento State’s radio station, KSSU. It’s worth listening to the entire interview — it’s under twenty minutes, and Keene touches on a number of interesting topics, including the themes of the band’s awesome new album, Autotheism, how Pro-Tools and editing have made it incredibly easy for even the least talented musicians to sound incredible, and his stance on musical guilty pleasures (he professes to loving Robyn but is not a fan of “Call Me Maybe”). But easily the biggest reveals of the interview are, in order of least-surprising to most-surprising:

  • The Faceless will release a live CD/DVD combo “at some point in the near future.” He promises that “We’re not gonna go back in [to the studio] and re-record everything like every [other] band does” on their live albums.
  • He’s working on a solo record that is “not really along the lines of a Vai or a Satriani thing… it’s more of like a jazz-fusion thing, with some progressive rock elements… it’s very guitar-heavy.”
  • He’s getting ready to test out a stand-up comedy routine in Los Angeles (he cites Louis C.K., David Cross, and Jim Gaffigan as influences).

I’m obviously excited for any live album from The Faceless and pretty much any musical project that involves Keene, so the first two pieces of news are terrific. As for the third… I mean, who knows? Maybe Keene has it in him to be a really incredible stand-up; I’d certainly at least go see him and give him an honest chance if the opportunity presented itself. Hopefully he’ll reveal the times and locations for any future stand-up attempts and fans can go check him out and see how he is.

Listen to the complete interview after the jump:


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