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When it was first announced that Joey Belladonna we re-returning to Anthrax in 2010, Vince and I — who, in case you somehow don’t know, greatly prefer John Bush to Mr. Bellardini — published a list of 101 singers we’d rather see join the band. Number twenty-four on that list was the comedian Brian Posehn, an avowed metalhead and Anthrax fan who at that point had already collaborated with Scott Ian on some songs for his (otherwise spoken-word) comedy albums, Live: In Nerd Rage and Fart and Wiener Jokes.

Well, it looks like we’re about to kinda-sorta get our wish. I think if you listen carefully, you can hear Dan Nelson weeping.

Speaking to SiriusXM Liquid Metal Jose Mangin last Friday, Posehn revealed that he and Ian are now collaborating on a full album of “comedy metal” songs, as well covers in the vein of Posehn’s version of “The Gambler.” He revealed that one of those songs is called “Satan is Kind of a Dick,” and one of those covers may be of A-Ha’s classic “Take On Me.”

There’s no word on when the album will be completed and released or what other guests and collaborators Posehn and Ian will work with for the record, but apparently it will be released via Megaforce Records, Anthrax’s label in the U.S. (they’re with Nuclear Blast overseas). Posehn’s contract with Relapse, who released his aforementioned albums, was apparently fulfilled following the release of Fart and Wiener Jokes.

Is it weird that I’m like a million times more excited about this than I am about any number of “legitimate” metal albums that are currently in the works? I cannot fucking wait to hear what Ian and Posehn come up with! While I wait with baited breath, here are the videos for two of the duo’s previous collaborations, “Metal by Numbers” and “More Metal Than You”:

What’s totally fucked is that more than six years later,”Metal by Numbers” stills seems like an accurate commentary on the state of extreme music. It’s kind of like how romantic comedies still have those awful “falling in love” montages despite the fact that The Naked Gun demonstrated how ridiculous they are twenty-four years ago. So fucked.


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