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Metallized Versions of Classic TV Commercial Jingles for Juicy Fruit, Connect Four and More


Metallized Commercial Classics Juicy FruitR.I.P Saturday Morning Cartoons. They had a great run.

But if you’re a child of the ’80s whose parents couldn’t be bothered to get up early to play with you, you no doubt remember these classic TV commercial jingles for Juicy Fruit, Connect Four, My Buddy / Kid Sister, and (maybe) Skip It.

Give Zombies the Vote vocalist/guitarist Shaun Callaghan — most famous as being the guy that got drunk and filmed a hilarious music video with his cat — is in the same boat, and may’ve struck viral metal gold yet again with these metallized version of the aforementioned jingles.

And they’re totally on point. The Connect Four one is probably my favorite because the personified Connect Four piece animations really give the commercial a “voice.” But the best parts of all of these come at the very end of each: I have to admit, I definitely had a phase where I wanted a My Buddy, but nothing could’ve convinced me to ask Mom for one quite like a death-growled “My Buddy and Kid Sister! Each sold separately! From Playschool!”

Anyone else craving a stick of Juicy Fruit right now?

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