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Mystery Solved: Ex-Abigail Williams Member Alan Cassidy is the New Drummer in The Black Dahlia Murder (At Least for Now)


This morning, we learned that drummer Shannon Lucas is not on The Black Dahlia Murder’s current tour — but we had no idea who his replacement/fill-in was. Now we do know! Two separate readers, both credible sources who I believe both wish to remain anonymous (and apologies if either of them did not!), have contacted us to reveal the identity of the man behind the kit: Alan Cassidy, formerly of Abigail Williams. We’re still not sure if Lucas is out of the band for good or just sitting out this tour, but one of our sources says that Cassidy is not officially a full-fledged member of BDM yet, and that a statement regarding the status of the band’s relationship with Lucas should be released shortly.

In the meantime… Hey, I’m not a fan of Abigail Williams’ music, but not because Cassidy couldn’t play or whatever — he’s obviously a talented dude, and I’m sure I’ll like his drumming just fine when he’s playing with a band that writes music I appreciate.

Here are some videos of Cassidy if you’re not familiar with the man:

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