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Stream Meek is Murder’s New EP, Into the Sun Where it Falls Off the Sky

  • Axl Rosenberg

Stream Meek is Murder’s New EP, Into the Sun Where it Falls Off the Sky

Meek is Murder’s new EP, Into the Sun Where it Falls Off the Sky, was released last week, and hopefully plenty of you have already purchased it — it’s three whole dollars, so, y’know, I understand if it cuts into your budget for having one, maybe two slices of pizza. You can get a totally legal, high-quality digital download here.

But if you haven’t bought it and for some reason don’t just wanna take my (COMPLETELY INFALLIBLE!!!) word that the EP is totally worth three bucks, I’m embedding it below, so you can stream it and then see that I’m right and buy it and apologize to me for doubting.

In all seriousness, I think this EP is really great, and represents a major step forward for the band. While guitarist/vocalist Mike Keller pretty much did all of the band’s writing on Algorithms and Mosquito Eater (obvs with the latter, as the other members of the group hadn’t even joined yet when it was recorded), bassist Sam Brodsky and drummer Frank Godla have begun to take a more active role in that process, and it shows. There’s material on here that sounds like the Meek is Murder you know and love, but there’s also some stuff I can pretty guarantee you’re not anticipating.

Bonus points for best use of a Wilhelm Scream this year.

Turn your speakers way the fuck up and rape your neighbors’ ears:

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