The Last of Us Part II Features Rotting Christ, Arsis, Horrendous, and More


Man, people are way into these Last of Us games, huh? I have literally not picked up a video game controller once in 2020 — even with the pandemic! — but I guess sooner or later I should check these things out, ’cause they’re apparently quite gnarly (in a good way).

ANYWAY, I’m rambling about this because there’s a poster advertising a buncha non-fictional metal bands in The Last of Us Part II, which was released last month. The bands whose logos appear on the poster are (in order billing):

  • Rotting Christ
  • Necromantia
  • Thou Art Lord
  • Arsis
  • Svierg
  • Varathron
  • Swamp
  • Zemial
  • Crucified Mortals
  • Horrendous
  • Soulskinner
  • Yamatu

The poster was reportedly shared by someone on Reddit, where it was spotted by Crypt Sermon drummer Enrique Sagarnaga, who told Horrendous about it, who told social media about it.

Exclaim! notes that the poster is based on the below “promo graphic for the album Grotesque Creation by Fetid Zombie — a solo project by noted metal illustrator Mark Riddick.”

<em>The Last of Us Part II</em> Features Rotting Christ, Arsis, Horrendous, and More” class=”wp-image-272392″ srcset=”https://cdn-p.smehost.net/sites/2ed48fdcc3904f548299cd86d78e9885/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Fetid-Zombie-Promo-Graphic-502×1000.jpg 502w, https://cdn-p.smehost.net/sites/2ed48fdcc3904f548299cd86d78e9885/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Fetid-Zombie-Promo-Graphic-151×300.jpg 151w, https://cdn-p.smehost.net/sites/2ed48fdcc3904f548299cd86d78e9885/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Fetid-Zombie-Promo-Graphic.jpg 600w” sizes=”(max-width: 502px) 100vw, 502px” /></figure></div>

<p>So that’s neat.

<figure class=
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