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Carcass’ Jeff Walker Confirms New Studio Album, Reveals Line-Up

  • Axl Rosenberg

Carcass’ Jeff Walker Confirms New Studio Album, Reveals Line-Up

HOO-RAY! Just this morning we were wondering if the new Carcass album is even a real thing, given that rumored drummer Matthias Voigt denied any involvement. As it turns out, Voigt’s position as Carcass’ new drummer was the only part of the rumor that wasn’t true — Jeff Walker has revealed to Decibel that the band really has completed a new album, which will be out next year on a label yet to be determined. You should just head over to Decibel to get all the details, but here are the highlights:

  • Daniel Wilding from Trigger the Bloodshed is the band’s new drummer. Not that this is at all a reflection of his talents, but I think it’s funny to note that Wilding is twenty-three years old — he was born in 1989, the years Symphonies of Sickness came out. He was six the last time Carcass released an album.
  • The band will, naturally, add a second guitarist live to replace Michael Amott, and although they “have someone in mind,” they “are not interested in a ‘name’ player.”
  • The album will take “stylistic cues” from all the band’s previous releases.
  • Bill Steer has recorded death metal vocals for the first time since 1991’s Necroticism.

But like I said, you should really just head over to Decibel to get all the details. In the meantime, here’s video of Dan Wilding, for those of you not familiar with him; I found the clip on Sick Drummer, and it was filmed when he was eighteen. Sheesh.

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