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Heaven Shall Burn Drummer Denies Playing on New Carcass Album


Last week pretty much the best rumor ever broke out: Carcass are supposedly finishing up their first studio album in seventeen years. And because they are currently without a drummer, Heaven Shall Burn’s Matthias Voigt was said to have played on the record.

But not so, says Mr. Voigt! From Heaven Shall Burn’s Facebook page:

If we take Voigt at his word — and I see no real reason not, because even if Carcass wanted to continue to keep the news under wraps, it would be more effective for them to deny it as a band than just to have their alleged-new-drummer deny it — then we have to wonder: Does this mean there is no new Carcass album after all? Or does it just mean that someone else played drums on the album? And if so — who???

We desperately await answers.

Thanks to all the disappointed/curious Carcass fans who emailed us about this.

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