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Ben Higgins Pays Homage to Thirty Guitarists in One Solo


Meet the Rich Little of guitar players!

Ben Higgins has made the below video, in which he plays an extended solo that seamlessly blends the styles of thirty different metal guitar gods, including Yngwie Malmsteen, Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Slash, and, of course, Dime. And he does an excellent job — the only part that jumped out at me as being “wrong,” for lack of a better term, is that the Zakk Wylde section doesn’t have guitar squeals, let alone the approximately two-trillion squeals Wylde insists inserting into every solo he records. Making Higgins’ achievement all the more impressive is the fact that he is apparently headless! AMAZING!

Watch the video below; guitar geeks can stick around after the solo for an extended tutorial on Higgins’ mimicry skills.

On a related note, MetalSucks reader Miguel Marquez just sent me the below video, in which he does something similar — he covers nineteen styles of metal in one song. Maybe not quite as cool, but still a lot of fun:

[Ben Higgins video via Metal Injection]

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