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Brooklyn Vegan / Invisible Oranges

According to an announcement this morning, Brooklyn Vegan has taken over Fred Pessaro, Brooklyn Vegan’s lone metal writer, will be the new Editor-in-Chief, and he has confirmed with MetalSucks that Brooklyn Vegan’s acquisition of was an outright purchase.

This is not meant to be a knock on the current writers at Invisible Oranges, many of whom are quite talented, but the site just hasn’t had the same sharp focus and poignancy since founder Cosmo Lee stepped away from it in 2011. I’ll offer up the analogy of a band, let’s say Guns N’ Roses, continuing to tour and release music with only one (or in some cases zero) original members; it’s kind of an approximation of what it used to be, but doesn’t quite get there.

Today’s news is great news, though, in our humble opinion. If anyone can right the IO ship, it’s Fred. His metal coverage for Brooklyn Vegan his continued unabated despite the hostile indie environs, and he’s personally promoted literally hundreds of metal shows in NYC and elsewhere over the past several years. It’s a perfect match. Says Cosmo, back from the dead, in today’s announcement:

If any crowd can be nastier and more judgmental than metalheads, it’s indie rockers. (I’ll avoid the h-word; it’s tiresome.) The comments sections for Fred’s metal posts at BV are cesspools rivaling Blabbermouth’s. Fred has had it tough.

And yet he’s been tough, cranking out metal content for BV with consistency and timeliness. He’s shot photos, published tour dates, premiered new audio, and put on shows – the most thankless yet perhaps most essential job in metal’s infrastructure. Fred has done great work for the cause.

Agreed on all counts. Greatly looking forward to the next era of and seeing what comes of the partnership with Brooklyn Vegan. As for the future of metal coverage on Brooklyn Vegan proper, Fred tells MetalSucks that localized New York City metal coverage will continue on BV while Invisible Oranges will be its national counterpart.

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