Footage of Tomas Lindberg Performing with Nightrage This Past Weekend


Nightrage vocalist Antony Hämäläinen was unable to make the band’s gig at the Gothenburg Sound Festival in Sweden this past weekend due to a scheduling conflict, but not to worry: the band hired a perfectly suitable replacement to fill in for the gig. At the Gates / Disfear / The Crown / The Lock Up frontman Tomas Lindberg, who sang on Nightrage’s debut album, stepped up to the plate in a major way, and, from the looks of it, did an admirable job.

I’m not sure whether “The Glow of the Setting Sun,” from 2003’s Sweet Vengeance, is still a staple of Nightrage’s live set… but regardless, it must’ve been a treat for fans to hear it live with Lindberg on vocals. Here’s some fan-filmed footage of the track with decent quality audio:

If you’ve lost track of Nightrage in the years since Lindberg left the band, you’ve made a mistake: their 2011 album Insidious was excellent and almost made my year-end list. It’s exactly the slice of classic Gothenburg you’re looking for without any of the cheese of modern-day In Flames. Stream the entire album for free on Spotify right here.

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