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Six-Year-Old Girl Pens Grindcore Tune About Pancakes

  • Axl Rosenberg

Six-Year-Old Girl Pens Grindcore Tune About Pancakes

Adam “Blackula” Young wins the “Coolest Dad of the Week” award — ’cause he recently recorded a grindcore song with his six-year-old daughter, Joanie “Bologna” Young. Furthermore, he let Joanie name the “band” — she settled on the moniker “Sockweb” — and he let Joanie write the lyrics. And thus, we end up with “I Want Pancakes,” which is as fine a subject for a metal song as any other if you ask me.

You can check out the resulting song below; it’s actually pretty good! Making it a duet was a brilliant idea… hearing Adam bark “I WANT MACARONI!” and then argue with his daughter about whether or not she’s grounded is hilarious and oddly touching. And, goddamnit, now I really do want some motherfucking pancakes. Sonofabitch.

[via Reddit… thanks to Ryan for the tip!]

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