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Albums That Will F*ck Your Face Off in 2013: Ancient VVisdom, Deathlike


Ancient VVisdom
Deathlike (Prosthetic Records)
Release date – February 5, 2013

How would you guys like to hear some catchy folk rock played by former members of Integrity? And how about being completely misled by a description of a new album in 2013?

Well, you’re in luck, because I have just such a band, plenty of disappointment to go around, and an album to share that ranks among my most anticipated of 2013.

I actually discovered Ancient VVisdom last year when they opened for the mighty Ghost in Toronto, and I have to say that if the headliner had been any lesser of a band, AVV might have completely stolen the show. Everything about them was unorthodox and unexpected: the leather-clad guitar player who performed as if he was contributing way more than he actually was, the quiet acoustic player who looked like he should be playing bass in a melodic death metal band instead, and the drum kit sans bass drum played (and accidentally dismantled mid-song) by the vocalist all amounted to what looked like the perfect formula for disaster.

For anyone unfamiliar with the band’s music, they play very minimal, slow-paced rock with satanic lyrics so cheesy that I instantly dropped the band straight into my “guilty pleasures” category. The fact that I’ve been conveniently skipping over though, is that every single song they have is as catchy as “Bare Necessities” from The Jungle Book (don’t try to tell me that song isn’t perpetually stuck in your head). Much like with the debut album from the aforementioned Ghost, I only needed one spin to commit every single lyric and melody on A Godlike Inferno to memory; whether I wanted to or not was never my decision. Both bands have a knack for writing songs that give me the same instant-classic vibe as the first time I heard Zeppelin IV, and both albums are mainstays in my weekly rotation.

Look, I’m not about to argue that Ancient VVisdom are churning out music that should get the critics wet, but they’re debut album was so ridiculously memorable that I really just want to see if they can pull it off again (I’m looking at you too, Ghost). The first taste of the album to have been released (the title track below) has me leaning towards a resounding “not even close,” but whatever, I’m still stoked for it. You should be, too.

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