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Mike Reynolds Quits For Today

  • Axl Rosenberg

Mike Reynolds Quits For Today

In what is, depending on your point of view, either an applause-worthy example of not-fucking-around or a cringe-worthy example of (figurative) hos-before-bros, For Today guitarist Mike Reynolds “quit” the band on Saturday. I’m putting “quit” in quotation marks because let’s be real — the dude was fired. Or “politely asked to leave.” I mean, it’s possible that Reynolds just “decided that now is the time for he and his wife to put their plans in motion to enroll in bible college, and to begin working toward full-time missions work in the Middle East” just twenty-four hours after a string of anti-gay tweets caused an uproar in the metal community. But that timing sure is convenient, ain’t it?

For Today attempted further damage control by issuing a video in which vocalist Mattie Montgomery apologizes and even offers up (what is allegedly) his phone number so that have fans who have been “personally affected” can talk to him about it. I considered calling the number just to see what happens. (Does Montgomery pick up right away? Do you need to leave a voice mail so he can screen the calls and separate the fans with real concerns from the people who just wanna prank him or whatever?) But given the intention behind the act of giving out his number, calling it for any other reason other than to express a concern seemed, well, dickish. I am willing to give Montgomery the benefit of the doubt that he is talking to the fans who really do want to talk with him about the issue at hand.

Which leads me to the one thing which does bother me about this video in a big, big way. Watch it and see if you notice anything?


Dude doesn’t say anything about homosexuality once! If you had no context for the video, you’d have no idea what he’s apologizing for. He could be trying to patch things up with lovers of mayonaise.

In fact, he’s apologizing for making fans feel “alienated” — not because a member of his band, and presumably a friend of his, said that “homosexuality is a sin” and that “there’s no such thing as gay Christian.” Montgomery asserts that “no Christian should ever make you feel that way” (“that way,” in this instance, being a euphemism for “shit”), but he doesn’t say “you’re entitled to your own sexual and religious preferences, and we are not in a position to question anyone’s faith based on their sexual orientation.”

Simply put, he doesn’t say “Homosexuality is not a sin.” I’m guessing because he doesn’t think that homosexuality is not a sin.

So when he invites fans who were “personally affected” by Reynolds’ comments to call him… do you think he recommends the power of prayer as a method of combatting “deviant” sexual proclivities? Or do you think you can have, like, a real conversation with him with actual give and take? He seems so nice in that video… but the way he has so carefully chosen his language just irks me. What do you think?

Oh and for the two of you who care, some dude named Sam Penner from a band called The Midst of Lions is replacing Reynolds for the time being. Okay.

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