Johnny Plague Says What the Remaining Members of For Today Will Not

  • Axl Rosenberg

The fallout from now-former For Today guitarist Mike Reynolds’ homophobic remarks last week continues. Winds of Plague main dude Johnny Plague posted the below message on his Facebook page yesterday:

Johnny Plague Says What the Remaining Members of For Today Will Not

Even though I’m not fan of Johnny’s (I refuse to type “Plague’s”) music, I think it’s great that he’s told his fans that any anti-gay comments are “narrow minded” — because a lot of his fans are on the younger side and are probably impressionable, and that’s a great message to send to said young and impressionable fans.

That being said, I think it’s important to make one very important note:


Sure, vocalist vocalist Mattie Montgomery has apologized to who felt “alienated” by Mike Reynolds’ comments, but he hasn’t contradicted those comments. And while he gave out a phone number for fans who have been “personally affected” by Reynolds’ remarks, we still have no idea what he’s saying to any fans who call him. Vince called the number Montgomery gave out in his apology video and left a voice mail; that was on Monday, and as of this writing, Montgomery hasn’t returned his call. (For the record, Vince didn’t attempt to “trick” Montgomery by pretending to be a gay fan or anything shady like that — he outright told Montgomery who he was and why he was calling.) Is Montgomery telling people who call him that there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality? Is he advocating “overcoming” homosexuality via the power of prayer? Is he returning anyone‘s phone calls?

It’s my strong suspicion that Montgomery and the other remaining members of For Today do believe that homosexuality is a sin — they’re just too smart to make Reynolds’ error of saying so in public. Otherwise, wouldn’t they just come right out (no joke intended) and say otherwise? They could shut up guys like me just by releasing a simple five-word statement: “Homosexuality is not a sin.” So why haven’t they?

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