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See The Resistance “Face to Face”

  • Axl Rosenberg

See The Resistance “Face to Face”

One thing you will immediately notice about “Face to Face,” the new song from The Resistance: it blows anything from In Flames’ Sounds of a Playground Fading (or A Sense of Purpose, for that matter) right outta the water. This is terrific news, since the Swedish melodeath supergroup counts two former In Flames guitarists, Jesper Strömblad (who played on Purpose but had nothing to do with Playground) and Glenn Ljungström (who had nothing to do with either album), amongst its members. These dudes are apparently still full of piss n’ vinegar. So we did a trust fall and In Flames didn’t catch us — that’s okay, ’cause here come Strömblad and Ljungström to grab us just in the nick of time, before we get hurt! The Resistance — which also features vocalist Marco Aro (ex-The Haunted) and drummer Chris Barkensjö (Carnal Forge) — play some shit that sounds the way we wished In Flames sounded today. It’s viciously evil, deliciously infectious, and bone-liquifyingly massive. You’re gonna love it.

Check out “Face to Face” at The Deciblog. Armoury Records will release The Resistance’s new EP, Rise From Treason, on January 29.

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