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…And That’s How José Canseco Ended Up Writing Lyrics for Every Time I Die


I really don’t give a shit about baseball (or any sports, for that matter… unless you count sarcasm as a sport), but even I know who José Canseco is. So I find this entire Twitter exchange between the retired athlete and Every Time I Die vocalist Keith Buckley to, well, frankly, goddamn amazing:

Was it already known that Canseco is a metal fan, the way we all know Mike Piazza loves metal? Buckley assumes Canseco doesn’t know who ETID, but not only does he seem to know, but that whole Sepultura/Trivium thing doesn’t seem like something he just pulled out of his ass.

In any case, I sincerely hopes that this happens. I just think it would be hilarious and awesome. And if they can Canseco to a do a video, too, they’ll probably be exposed to who knows how many new fans!

[via Lambgoat]

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