Oh, Right, Mercenary

  • Axl Rosenberg

I loved Mercenary’s 2006 album, The Hours That Remain, so goddamn much that it’s kind of amazing I’ve now reached a point where I completely forgot they existed until they released a new video just now. Then again, they went downhill in a hurry: 2008’s Architect of Lies is good but not nearly as good as Hours or its predecessor, 11 Dreams, and just a year after Lies‘ release, the band lost half their line-up. The revamped Mercenary put out an album called Metamorphosis in 2011, which was okay, but lacked many of the elements that made Hours and its surrounding releases so special.

I don’t know why Mercenary are just now releasing a video for the Metamorphosis track “Through the Eyes of the Devil” when that album is two years old, other than, I guess, to remind people like me that Mercenary are around. Unfortunately, releasing a video for a poor man’s “Stabbing the Drama” is probably not the best way to enact said reminding. All it really does it make me wanna listen to The Hours That Remain and pray to the ghost of Dio and Dime that the Sandagers return to the band ASAP.

Mercenary will have a new album out later this year. I really hope it’s awesome and they make me eat my hat for the not-nice things I wrote above. Seriously.

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