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The HAARP Machine’s Al Mu’min Wins “Vast Understatement of the Year-So-Far” Award


The HAARP Machine’s Al Mu’min Wins “Vast Understatement of the Year-So-Far” Award

A little more than a  week ago, every member of The HAARP Machine save for Al Mu’min quit the band, pretty much, it would seem, because they weren’t getting along with the guitarist. Mu’min, however, has stayed quiet, leaving fans’ questions — such as “Is the the end of The Haarp Machine?” and “What is Mu’min’s side of the story?” — unanswered… until now. For Mu’min has, at least, released the following statement, which provides startling new insight into the situation:

Dear friends and supporters,

We’ve gone through some changes recently. The appearance of the group has changed but what matters most has and always will remain; art and revolution.

Ignore the sensationalists and politicians.

There is work to be done.


I think my favorite part of this statement is the use of the royal “we.” I mean, I assume Mu’min is using the royal “we.” Either that, or he’s schizophrenic. Which, come to think it would explain why his bandmates all quit on him.

ANYWAY, I guess this at least confirms what most people already assumed, which is that Mu’min intends to continue The Haarp Machine with new musicians. Which is not at all uncommon these days. So. Yeah.

In semi-related news, one of those now-former bandmates, Mike Semesky, has released a video of himself and a singer named Aleka Farha covering Florence & The Machine’s “Heartlines.” It’s pretty great. Between this and his recent cover of the Scorpions’ “No One Like You,” I’d say Semesky has certainly proved now that he has something to offer outside of The Haarp Machine.


In other semi-related news, some of you e-mailed us last week to express disappoint that we didn’t report that another now-former member of The Haarp Machine, drummer Alex Rudinger, has officially joined The Faceless. The reason we didn’t write about it is because it happened on Grim Kim’s takeover day, and the following morning, we decided that surely everyone had heard the news and it didn’t need to be covered. But if you somehow had not heard the news… uh… sorry… and now you know!

[via The PRP]

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