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Vince is Going to Iceland!


I swear that Kim Kelly did not know about my pending trip to Iceland with MetalGF when she devoted an entire post to Icelandic metal on the day she took over MetalSucks. And I can’t be positive, but I’m pretty sure Bam Margera didn’t have me in mind when he decided to film his now infamous “Bend My Dick to My Ass” video with the country’s scenic landscapes as his backdrop.

But, ’tis true: I am going to Iceland! It’ll be a quick jaunt, only 5 days long, towards the end of next week (did you know it takes less time to fly from New York to Iceland than it does from New York to L.A.?). But I’d love some travel tips from you Icelandic Suckalos; I know you’re out there. Where to eat, where to go, cool stuff to check out, and so on and so forth. I’m not specifically looking for metal-themed activities (I do enough of that here at the Mansion), but those would certainly be welcomed too.

So, lay it on me! Comment below or email me at vince[at]

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