Before Crush: Africa’s Answer to Attack Attack!?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Before Crush: Africa’s Answer to Attack Attack!?

I’ve never heard of Attack Attack! playing any shows in Africa. But thanks to the magic of the internet, their music seems to have found its way over there. And because I guess there are frustrated adolescents in every culture, they have found a fan base in the Republic of Angola. And that fan base has formed a band. And that band is called Before Crush.

Alas, the band do not write music about what an awful place the world was before orange Crush was invented.

ANYWAY, Before Crush’s new video, “A Bruxa,” is a clear ripoff of the Attack Attack’s infamous clip for “Stick Sickly,” or “Stickly Sickly,” or “Sick Stickly,” or whatever the crap it’s called. Before Crush didn’t coordinate their outfits or haircuts, but you can’t miss the influence: they’ve got the choreographed crab-bobbing down pat, and a girl in a white dress being really emotional about nothing in particular, and the shittiest form of good cop/bad cop vocals imaginable. I wouldn’t blame you if you turned this video off before it was over, but I would advise you to hang in there until at least the 1:37 mark. That’s when you’ll get to witness history’s most awkward guitar spin.

[via Metal Underground]

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