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This New Fallujah Song is F*cking Awesome


Fallujah Nomadic

I always confuse Fallujah with Vildjharta. Both bands came out on the national scene around the same time and, this is a silly reason, but both of their names consist of one word with j’s, h’s and a bunch of a’s. After hearing the brand new Fallujah track I don’t think I’ll be making that mistake ever again.

I know what Vildjharta sound like: they play competent but unspectacular djent. I listened to Fallujah when they released The Harvest Wombs in 2011 but nothing I heard then really stuck with me. Their new track “The Dead Sea” definitely made me turn around and pay attention, though. I like what No Clean Singing had to say about it, so here’s NCS’s Islander via copy and paste: “[the song] masterfully [interweaves] head-smashing death metal aggressiveness and head-swirling prog extravagance.” If that description leads you to believe the song might sound like The Faceless you’re not that far off, but Fallujah’s peaks are heavier than The Faceless’ and their valleys are somehow even more mellow, all without leaning too hard in either direction. And it all blends together well within the context of the song. Dig it:

The song comes from Fallujah’s forthcoming 3-song Nomadic EP, which will be released by Unique Leader Records but does not yet have a release date. Pre-order here.

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