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The Album Art for Arsis’ Unwelcome is Unwelcoming

  • Axl Rosenberg

We’ve been privileged enough to hear a little bit of Arsis’ Unwelcome — their first new full-length studio album in three years! — but a little bit was really all we needed to hear to know that this album is gonna rock some balls right the fuck out of scrotal sacks. If, like me, you found Starve for the Devil a little underwhelming (and it’s worth noting that “underwhelming” in Arsis-speak means “Still better than 99% of all other metal albums”), then Unwelcome should be particularly, uh, welcome: this feels like James Malone n’ the boys firing on all cylinders with a vim and vigor reminiscent of A Diamond for Disease.

Now the band has unveiled the Mark Riddick-created album cover, which strongly suggests that it could just have easily been called Turn the Fuck Away While You Still Can, Pussies. I don’t know if they’re planning to make Unwelcome-themed welcome mats, but they really ought to.

Arsis - Unwelcome

And here’s the track listing:

1. Unwelcome
2. Carve my Cross
3. Handbook for the Recently Deceased
4. Choking on Sand
5. Let me be the One
6. Sunglasses at Night
7. Martyred or Mourning
8. No One Lies to the Dead
9. I Share in Shame
10. Scornstar

Unwelcome comes out April 30 on Nuclear. But my (AHEM very educated) guess is that you’ll have heard new music by this time next week.

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