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Dave Navarro Gets High

  • Axl Rosenberg

I really don’t know what to say about the following story, other than this:


As if Dave Navarro weren’t already enough of a weirdo, last night the 45 year-old guitarist did this at Room 86 in Los Angeles:

I’ve heard about this kind of thing before — apparently there are people who find what the Cenobites do in the Hellraiser movies to be an incredible turn-on — but I never would have figured Navarro for one of these nutcases. I guess being a millionaire rock star who can fuck pretty much any woman he wants gets boring after awhile. Asshole.

Dani Danger tries to explain the appeal thusly…

“Once you’re off the ground for several seconds, your brain releases endorphins into the rest of your body; actually putting itself into a mild state of shock. A suspension performer must break through incredible pain to reach through the pleasure at the end of the tunnel. However, once you break that wall, the state of euphoria that one can reach is simply indescribable.”

…but I really do feel like it can be summed up in a much more succinct manner:

Nutty Navarro

Here are some more disgusting photos of Navarro suspended, and the after effects of said suspension:


And here’s video, if you can stomach it:

[via WWTDD]

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