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Woe - Withdrawal

Before I could get around to posting about the excellent new Woe song “Exhuasted,” band mainman/writer Chris Grigg got a hold of me on Facebook to let me know about this unwittingly hilarious interpretation of the lyrics. Compare the real lyrics:

Waste away, I’m breaking down.
Who am I
and how did this happen?
Never thought I’d be this way.

… to the hasty Interhole interpretation:

Make your way, embrace each other
Move and right
Yell at the sound of mirrors
God I think is weak.

I mean, uh, WHAT? Although I gotta admit, I followed along to the funny version whilst listening to “Exhuasted,” and from an aural standpoint they sound totally plausible for the most part! Even if they make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Listen to the track on Stereogum and follow along on your own. New album Withdrawal is out April 22nd via Candlelight Records. Another new song from the record, “Carried by Waves to Remorseless Shores of the Truth,” is up on Pitchfork.

Waste away, I’m breaking down.
Who am I
and how did this happen?
Never thought I’d be this way.

The ceiling’s low
I’m growing taller
Each day seems to be still longer.
No escape, there’s no escape.

Close my eyes, my head is pounding
searing knives that slice my skin.
Every moment still worse than the last.

“Fury, my friend, here we are again.
You were never far away.
Nothing’s really changed.
The sky is still the same.
The same dead fixtures,
a different name.
Hate draws you in,
wishing for an end.
How I plotted and I schemed.
Living a lie, failing though I try.
Teeth are falling out in my dreams.”

Nothing matters. Nothing…
It’s a fraud, it’s a lie,
nothing matters, still we try.
I scream it with open arms.
I give up and fade away to silent sleep.

(Solo: BB)

Hatred lights the way.
A torch through the dark.
Death can’t help but laugh and taunt us with eternal slumber.
All our hopes and our dreams are sand beneath our feet.

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