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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: March 26, 2013


Night Bitch Chainmaker

And what a Tuesday this is! This week’s Shit That Comes Out Today truly has something for everyone! We have Axl’s guitar-god incarnate, a band that seems designed wholly to salute Sergeant D. and his pastime of choosing, and a whole lot of other goodies you simply will not want to Passover. I CEE WUT U DID THIER!


Orchid's Curse - WordsOrchid’s Curse
Words (Diminished Fifth)
On a playlist with: Sylosis, Darkest Hour, Sons of Aeon
Listen Words full stream (here)

Orchid’s Curse is one of those bands that plays around with melodeath, groove, thrash, and occasionally prog with enough fluidity to rid themselves of any sort of pesky sub genre tags and earn the simple, yet elegant classification of “metal.” Josh Hogan roars, screeches, grit ‘n gravels over diverse metal that has a few unique quirks, like the odd atonal solos split by guitarists Brian Jones and Keith Macleod and the occasional exploratory instrumental.


Amaranthe - NexusAmaranthe
The Nexus (Spinefarm)
On a playlist with: Sonic Syndicate, System Divide, Axl Rosenberg
Listen The Nexus full stream (here)

One precious piece of STCOT real estate gone — Umadbro? Well, you shouldn’t be! If you haven’t already laid eyes on the perfection that is Elize Ryd, lead attention-draw in Swedish pop-metal band Amaranthe, then you must drop everything and watch the video for their forgettable single and title track above. Ryd looks good in the video, but looks even better in their other couple singles — which are arguably worse but immediately redeemed by the angelic radiance of this Norse goddess. Seriously is there something in that Scandinavian water? You simply do not find awe-inspiring monuments of beauty like this in America, folks. What’s that? Oh yeah the band’s music! Well Amaranthe plays run-of-the-mill synth metal with totally puke-worthy chord progressions (who likes some good ol’ 4-1-5!?) and two dude vocalists who take up way too much time in their videos. But Elize … Okay moving on.


Wormed - ExodromosWormed
Exodromos (Willowtip)
On a playlist with: Cryptopsy, Rivers of Nihil, jamz that slam!!
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The arbitrarily-titled Spaniards in Wormed deliver maniacal riffs, flashy sweeps, jazzy rolls, and tasty dissonance like loco on their new disk entitled Exodromos. There is some sort of scientific theme I can’t be bothered to decipher, but if you’re looking for very solid slamz a make you dance then you will more than get your money’s worth on this caliente release.


Sevendust - Black Out the SunSevendust
Black Out The Sun (7Bros)
On a playlist with: Killswitch Engage, Pantera, Soilwork, (or according to AOL: Chevelle, Limp Bizkit)
Listen Black Out The Sun full stream (here)

Why should you read through another petty blurb on Sevendust when the latest in tech-noodle grind slam supremacy awaits you? Because if you’ve ever dug anything by 7d — or good music in general — then Black Out The Sun will caress your ears like, well, Elize Ryd. I’ve enjoyed every Sevendust album to varying degrees, but after 2003’s Seasons, the magic of those first albums just wasn’t quite there — even on Cold Day Memory, the 2010 record that saw the return of guitarist Clint Lowery. But BOAT, at long last, is the album I always knew this band had in them: the intelligent hooks and songwriting of Seasons and Animosity, the wicked mean streak from Sevendust and Home, and the modern production and top-notch musicianship of their recent stuff. It’s all there, and BOAT‘s quality is astonishing from start to finish. Oh, and if you are of the perception that this band is not metal/heavy/relevant to this site, give “Till Death” a listen and prepare to eat your words with extra Southern gravy.


Kvelertak - MeirKvelertak
Meir (Roadrunner)
On a playlist with: Refused, The Family, Ken Mode
Listen Meir full stream (here)

If there’s one thing MetalSucks readers and staff alike on this site are not great at, it’s giving a fair chance to sophomore albums. I bet you’re glad you ended up giving Weightless another spin, amirite? Yeah, virtually no bands do things exactly the same way on their second albums, and the ones who do often disappoint. Feel free to disregard my musings, as I was perhaps one of the few who was not necessarily floored by Kvelertak’s debut, but that said, I definite dig the bigger emphasis on melody (both in the lead guitar and gruff vocal departments) and darker rock atmosphere of Meir. Give it a shot, and tell everyone who disagrees with your opinion that they’re wrong because you know all there is to know about music!


DGM - MomentumDGM
Momentum (Scarlet)
On a playlist with: Secret Sphere, Aeon Zen, King Crow
Listen “Reason” (Hoobastank cover) (here)

Man, Italy is proggy these days. Good thing Jersey Shore didn’t get renewed; in another couple seasons we’d have seen Pauly D and The Situation fist-pumping and grinding to Rush and Liquid Tension. In yet another addition the burgeoning scene, here’s DGM’s Momentum: not overly flashy but musically adept in its pursuits. In some ways, Momentum kind of sounds like where Adrenaline Mob should have gone if they were to be taken seriously. Speaking of AdMob, Russell Allen graces the above track with some high flyin’ guest vox.



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