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Gary Holt Says He Wouldn’t Quit Exodus to Join Slayer

  • Axl Rosenberg

Kerry King and Gary Holt

Since Kerry King has now made it clear that he would be happy to continue Slayer with Gary Holt taking Jeff Hanneman’s spot permanently, the question on everyone’s mind is, “Will that actually happen?”

The question that is most certainly not on most people’s minds is, “Would Gary Holt leave Exodus for Slayer?” I don’t think many people doubt that Holt would absolutely leave Exodus for Slayer. For one thing, from a financial standpoint at least, Slayer are the far bigger band. And for another thing, Holt has already prioritized Slayer over Exodus once.

(And I’m not passing judgment, by the way. Holt is going to turn forty-nine next month. I imagine it would be hard for 99.9% of metal musicians of any age, let alone one who’s been in the game for nearly thirty years, to turn down the kind of opportunities joining Slayer presents.)

Still, in a new interview with MetalTitans.com, Holt claims he’d only join Slayer if he could pull double-duty with both bands:

“Not if it meant the end of what I’ve been doing my whole life. If I could manage both, you know… But I’ve been filling in for just over two years now and I’m booked all year with them. But I’m just keeping the work going with Exodus and I’ve been doing a lot of riff writing on tour. And on the summer [run] with Slayer, I’m taking a little portable, digital recording rig with me so I can continue working on [new Exodus] stuff in hotel rooms and shit.”

I think Mr. Holt and myself have different definitions of what the phrase “my whole life means,” because Exodus have already broken-up… twice. They’re not like Anthrax, for example, who insist on persevering come hell or high water. It’s not really inconceivable that Holt would walk away from the band again, given the right circumstances.

That being said, Exodus is clearly Holt’s baby, so it’s also not inconceivable he’s being honest and I’m just being a cynical jerk (I’ve been known to be a cynical jerk from time to time).

And besides… how the hell was he supposed to answer this question? “Oh yeah, I’d quit Exodus in a New York minute!” And then what happens if he doesn’t get asked to join Slayer full-time? He has to let his bandmates know that they were his second choice? P’shaw.

[EDIT: I had already completed and scheduled this story when it was announced that Exodus have pulled out of Maryland Deathfest due to a “variety of personal issues and matters with one of the members.” It is entirely possible the member in question isn’t Holt… but it seemed worth mentioning.]

Here’s the interview with Holt, if you wanna watch. Then weigh in on whether or not you think he would, or even perhaps should, ditch Exodus for Slayer:

[via Metal Insider]

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