Frankie Palmeri Hearts The Atlas Moth

  • Axl Rosenberg

Frankie Hearts The Atlas Moth

After The Atlas Moth declared dick war on Emmure and Frankie Palmeri yesterday, I wrote that “I will be delighted if Palmeri issues one of his typically nonsensical responses.”

So it with 100% sincerity that I extend a massive “THANK YOU” to Palmeri for sending out the following tweet:

Thoughts that ran through my head when I read this tweet:

  1. How could one deem The Atlas Moth “unsuccessful” when they just completed a U.S. tour with Gojira and Devin Townsend and are now touring Europe and apparently playing many of the same exact venues at which Emmure have played? I mean, sure, Emmure have sold more records than The Atlas Moth, but Yanni has definitely sold more records than both bands combined. How do you think Frankie would react if Yanni called Emmure “unsuccessful”?
  2. Oh it must hurt not to know how many periods are in an ellipsis.
  3. How does this make The Atlas Moth’s lives pathetic? Frankie must know that life on tour can get pretty tedious, and musicians find all sorts of ways to pass the time. I know one band that started buying up every DVD of terrible action movies they could find, and are consequently now very well versed in the American Ninja franchise. Frankie clearly spent some amount of his time at these venues tagging. Now someone else has re-tagged them with dicks. It’s a less self-destructive way to stave off boredom than just being drunk and high the whole time, AND it’s a public service announcement. There’s really nothing pathetic about it at all.
  4. Still with the Arabic, huh?

Right now I’d say it’s The Atlas Moth 1, Frankie and Emmure 0. Don’t you agree?

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