Show Us Your MetalSucks: The Metal Alliance Edition



MetalSucks reader Jaziel Ocampo (or, more accurately, his friend) snapped the above badass photo at the Metal Alliance tour in Hollywood a couple of weeks back. Girl on the right looks absolutely horrified while dude on the left is really stoked on something — possibly girl on the right’s horrified look — and dude on the upper right is more stoked than I’ve ever, ever seen anyone. Great photo!

Since Jaziel was wearing his MetalSucks t-shirt, he’s entitled to a free box o’ metal goodies in the mail which we’ll be sending him right quick! You too can get a box o’ metal in the mail for entering our ongoing Show Us Your MetalSucks contest; just send in a photo of yourself donning your MS gear and we’ll hook it up. The sillier the better.


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