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Oy: Dave Lombardo Used the Phrase “Can You Imagine if One of Us Was Dead?” Just a Day Before Jeff Hanneman Passed Away

  • Axl Rosenberg

Lombardo and Hanneman

Jeff Hanneman passed away on May 2; on May 1, Dave Lombardo did a live interview (and it’s very important that you remember this was LIVE, not recorded days or weeks before and just broadcast on May 1) with Israel’s KZRadio, during which, naturally, he was asked about his current troubles with Slayer. His response?

“I hope things work out. I hope everything works out for the fans; that’s what I want. And for the history of the band. When we get older and we can’t play anymore, I want the band to go out being still Slayer. ‘Cause we’re all still alive. Can you imagine if one of us was dead? Then it’s hard. It’s like Led Zeppelin. You know, Led Zeppelin with Jason Bonham is not the same; it’s not the same. I hear double pedal in Jason Bonham and it’s, like, ‘Why are you doing that?’ Zeppelin is about single bass, you know.”

Although I’m sure that conspiracy nuts will go gaga for this quote, I don’t think anyone should conclude that Dave Lombardo is either metal’s answer to Nostradamus or the Keyser Soze of the Metal Mafia, secretly pulling strings from behind the scenes. Given that Israel is seven-ten hours ahead of the U.S. (depending on where in the U.S. you’re located), and that we don’t know when it became apparent that Hanneman was seriously ill, and that we don’t know when Lombardo was informed of the situation, we have to assume that this is just a case of crappy luck and coincidence.

Still, as far as coincidences go, it’s a pretty goddamn spooky one — the kind of story you’ll tell friends at parties and everyone will be like, “No way! Weeeeiiirrrdddd!!!” Like the time a buddy of ours got a Michael Jackson-as-a-Zombie-in-the-“Thriller”-video tattoo the night before Michael Jackson died. 100% true story, and totally bizarre. But he’s since gotten a Prince tattoo and Prince is still alive, so, alas, my plan to sell pieces of his torso to wronged folks looking for vengeance is not going to pan out.


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