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Video: YOLO Screamer Stephanie Isis (Sanson) was on American Idol


Future Century Media or Sumerian Records signees YOLO (the band!) already had a claim to fame all their own before releasing their groundbreaking/smash video last month: lead screamer / Sergeant D crushee Stephanie Sanson auditioned for American Idol’s 12th season, which began airing in January of this year and is now down to the final two. Spoiler alert: she didn’t make it past the audition round, but she did have a whole lotta fun with her few minutes performing for Mariah Carey’s boobs. YOLO clean singer (and Stephanie’s sister) Ariel also makes an appearance in the vid. I don’t wanna ruin the surprise, so just watch. Props! According to YOLO’s Facebook page the Sanson sisters also appeared on X Factor and America’s Got Talent. I’m sure some fanboy can probably track down the footage without much effort.

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