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Five Finger Death Punch with Rob Halford: Pretty Much Still Unbearable

  • Axl Rosenberg

FFDP Halford

Here’s a basic breakdown of “Lift Me Up,” the new single from Five Finger Death Punch that features a guest appearance from Rob Halford:

00:00-00:25: Generic but by no means terrible Stone Sour riff
00:26-01:31: Embarrassing Ivan Moody moose rock vocals and sixth-grade-poetry-class level lyrics
01:32-01:35: Brief respite
01:36-02:01: Rob Halford appearance makes song approximately 1% more tolerable
02:02-03:59: More aural diarrhea

Conclusion: if you’re really curious, skip to the 1:36 mark. But if you choose not to, fret not… I highly doubt anyone will ever lie on their death bed thinking “I should have listened to more Five Finger Death Punch.”

“Life Me Up” will appear on the first of FFDP’s new two-volume album, The Wrong Side of Heaven & The Righteous Side of Hell, out July 23. Volume 2 will be out who cares when (unless it has like a Bruce Dickinson guest appearance or something).

[via Metal Insider]

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