Here’s Black Sabbath on CSI

  • Axl Rosenberg

Well, as promised, Black Sabbath appeared on last night’s season finale of CSI, “debuting” (they already debuted it almost a month ago) their new song, “The End is the Beginning” during a “performance” (really they were just lip synching to the studio track). With all the subtlety of a Westboro Baptist Church protest, the show’s writers even included some dialogue about how this whole Sabbath reunion is really just a nostalgia trip (Hey, did you see them in ’78 in Philly? Wasn’t it great? Go see them again!). But in the interest of not being wholly negative, I will say this: Ozzy Osbourne’s voice sounds great… once it’s been autotuned.

Black Sabbath’s new album, 13, comes out June 11, which is really too bad, because approximately 85% of CSI‘s audience will either have died or developed Alzheimer’s by then, and the other fifteen percent will be away at camp for the summer, too preoccupied with planning raids on the girls’ bunks to care about some band their grandfather swears was cool once.

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