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Periphery’s Misha Mansoor is Not Afraid of Meshuggah Comparisons

  • Axl Rosenberg

Misha Meshuggah Photo Bomb

Meshuggah have obviously been a HUGE influence on Misha Mansoor and his whole sound, and as popular as Periphery are, I know the dude catches a lot of shit from grumpy bastards who think he’s just aping the band and not bringing anything new to the table.

So I have to commend the guy on having the huge balls to cover Meshuggah’s “Elastic,” from the band’s 1998 album Chaosphere. I mean, this is basically like if Adam Dutkiewicz released an At the Gates cover. Says Mansoor of the track:

“Why? Because I love this album and I love this song, and sometimes it’s fun to do stuff like this!

“Also a good excuse to use the Attack setting on my Protone Signature Overdrive Pedal in front of the Axefx II.

“Guitar is my Daemoness 7, Bass is Trillian, Drums are Toontrack Metal Machine.

“Work in progress, I am going to try to figure out that damn solo if at all possible haha.”

You can listen to Mansoor’s version of the song below. He’s also uploaded a clip to be used for vocal covers… so if you’ve ever wanted a shot at screamin’ with Misha, here’s your chance! Go here for details.

And if you’ve never heard the original… uh… like, really, brah?

[via Metal Injection]


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