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Today in Juggalo News: The Simpsons Tackle The Gathering, and the OK Cupid Juggalo Tumblr is Hilarious

  • Axl Rosenberg

Bad news for The Planet Earth’s Collective Favorite Punching Bag: they’ve been punched again, and pretty hard, too! So let’s all laugh at their misfortune now, and remember: they brought it on themselves.

First up, Metal Insider has brought it to my attention that The Simpsons, now enjoying its 150th season on Fox, made a crack about The Gathering of Juggalos on this past Sunday evening’s episode. The joke is quick and honestly not all that amazing or anything, but I thought I’d share with you all anyway:

Much better is OK Cupid Juggalos, a Tumblr page that MetalSucks’ own Kip Wingerschmidt discovered via Buzzfeed. The premise of the page is pretty self-explanatory: its a collection of Juggal profiles from OK Cupid. Which means that, against all odds, somehow all of these people are single. Alas, links to the actual profiles are not included, but single MetalSucks Suckalos looking for the love of a good man or woman and access to a steady stream of whippits should definitely do whatever they can to track down these attractive folks!

Below are some of my personal favorites… you can check out even more here.

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