Photo Caption Contest: Win a Limited Edition Silver Foil Metal Suckfest Poster


67538_565787866778717_1516724050_nLast week we offered up two copies of Howl’s new album Bloodlines (listenorder). The winners are:

  • Vent187: “We will now observe 2 minutes of silence for our lost dignity.”
  • ChuggaChuggaDeedleyDoo: “In response to lackluster consumer interest in the forthcoming Google Glass, Google has recently opted for revamping the product with a Nü design.”

Hey, remember the awesome metal festival we put on a year and a half ago? We just unearthed some limited edition silver foil-embossed posters we had printed up for that event from deep within the MS Mansion archives, and so we’re passing them on to you. Alls ya gotta do to enter is come up with a funny caption to the below photo [via MS reader Jordan Horror] and vomit it into the comments section. Go!


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