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Listen to Two Horrible New Megadeth Songs


Megadeth - Super Collider

In case Axl’s “glowing” review of the new Megadeth album Pooper Collider wasn’t enough to get you to steer clear, two more songs have now been made available for streaming. You’re a glutton for punishment, and you will probably listen to them (I couldn’t resist either).

The album’s said horribleness all comes back to the vocals. “Built For War” is built around a perfectly serviceable riff that even has some balls (listen at, but then the cringe-worthy vocals kick in and the song becomes borderline unlistenable. “The Blackest Crow,” which finds Mustaine experimenting with bluesgrass (listen at, is a misguided experiment from the beginning. It’s not as if Mustaine’s pipes were ever opera-caliber, but these days his recorded vocal output sounds like new Mustaine trying to imitate old Mustaine… and it ends up feeling like an old, tired version of him.

But at least Mustaine’s hair still looks awesome.

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