Disturbed’s Dan Donegan is Also a Conspiracy Nut

  • Axl Rosenberg

Lest he just sit by the pool and think his thoughts while Disturbed are on hiatus, Dan Donegan has started a new band, Fight or Flight, and even hired a bald lead singer in an apparent effort to convince fans that David Draiman is also in the band. And in case there weren’t already enough reasons to loathe Donegan’s work, “First of the Last,” the first (and hopefully the last) video from Fight or Flight, is ri-goddamn-diculous in pretty much every way imaginable.

In the clip, the members of Bohemian Grove — led by the evil film director and actor Rob Reiner and Richard Dreyfuss, the malevolent star of Kripendorf’s Tribe — conspire to control humanity via such devious methods as:

  • Vaccinations which turns little kids into the girl from Poltergeist
  • “Gun control” by means of purchasing people’s weapons (in other words, paying people for possessions they don’t want anymore — y’know, pretty much the way things work now in everyday life).
  • Chemtrails,
  • Perhaps worst of all: making the members of Fight or Flight wear the kind of jail inmate costumes you’d see in a Laurel and Hardy movie.

Fight or Flight Expensive Jail Costumes

Who will stand up to these power-hungry Jewish entertainers and foil their dastardly plan to make people earn money for selling stuff and wear cheap Halloween costumes? There’s only one man for the job: a Revolutionary of such fierce intelligence that he needs a to-do list in order to remember to do things like “stay one step ahead,” “take photos,” and “expose agenda.”

"Hey, Ralph, did you remember to expose the bad guys' agenda?" "SHIT, I knew I forgot something!"
“Hey, Ralph, did you remember to expose the bad guys’ agenda?” “SHIT, I knew I forgot something!”

And this is what sucks about being a really, really successful musician: you’re suddenly surrounded by Yes Men whose very livelihood depends on never telling you that your ideas are bad. So you make a video like this and none of your “friends” or “collaborators” have the balls to say “Hey brah, this is gonna make you look really stupid.”

Oh well. At least the rest of us get a laugh outta this drek, right?

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