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Pig Destroyer’s Scott Hull Teaches Kids About Electronic Music

  • Axl Rosenberg
photo by Josh Sisk
photo by Josh Sisk

This warms the cockles of my heart.

On Wednesday, MetalSucks received the below e-mail from one Ms. Harwood, an eighth grade music teacher who just so happens to work at the school attended by the children of one Mr. Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed). This is a must-read!!!

I approached Scott by email after several frustrated attempts at teaching my 8th grade class to compose their own electronic music. Scott was extremely friendly and invited the whole class to tour his studio. The students were able to ask questions about the life of a professional musician, and he offered some encouraging words of support to several students who were interested in pursuing music in the future. His studio was fully equipped with high-end electronic music software and equipment, which he showed the students how to use. The students were so excited to produce their own music! It was really an incredible learning experience.

Unfortunately, several factors got in the way of allowing the students having ample time to complete their work at school, so I gave them each their unfinished projects on DVDs. Many of them were able to get similar software at their homes, so that they will be able to complete their projects and create new music in the future.

It was incredible to see the impact that his help had on the students. He had recently produced an album, using exclusively electronic instruments, so he was certainly very knowledgeable on the subject. It was a bit ironic that my 8th graders (who were previously exclusive dubstep and house music listeners) found Mr. Hull (grindcore guitar vituoso) to be an admirable role model. I was very pleased with the end results.

Keep it brutal!

Is it weird that I’m jealous of a bunch of eighth graders? When Vince and I were that age, our music teacher was a white lady with a gray ‘fro who made us sing songs like “A Place in the Choir” and I’m sure had almost no idea what electronic music was. And I can only imagine what her reaction would have been to the very existence of a band called “Pig Destroyer.” These kids are so lucky!!!

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