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Put on Your Finest Tuxedo, We’re Going to the Swamphony

  • Axl Rosenberg

Kalmah - Seventh Swamphony

Kalmah’s latest, Seventh Swamphony, comes out today in North America on Spinefarm — but in case Dave Mustein’s review last week didn’t convince you to purchase a copy (or a legal download), you can now stream the whole album below, courtesy of Revolver. I’ll be honest: for some reason, it’s not quite grabbing me by the swamp things the way Kalmah albums usually do… but there’s enough cool shit going on in every song that I still really dig it, and something tells me that repeat listens will only endear the album to me.

Also, there’s at least one really good song about a fish (“Pikemaster”), which is obviously a MUST for any Kalmah album. So there’s that.

Check out Seventh Swamphony and see what you think. Like I said, it’s out now on Spinefarm.

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