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I bet we all had the same experience two months ago while first listening to Geoff Tate’s Queensryche’s new album, Frequency Unknown: First we laughed at the accidental hilarity of its title. Then we thought, “Huh, I haven’t heard the other Queensryche’s upcoming album … but this is not as good as the other Queensryche’s upcoming album.” Then we turned on other jamz and had a taco. (Exactly the same, right?)

Now we can now prove that our sense was accurate: Mostly Queensryche’s new self-titled album (listen here) ranks way above Tate’s um project. I mean, everything does, but only in this case does it affect a race for tour and merch revenues. And hey can I ask u guys something? Do we get why Tate is doing metal? He’s not into it.

Let’s use an unfortunate metaphor: Tate’s like a guy who suddenly is seen all over town snuggling with guys (i.e. Queensryche cabaret, Dedicated To Chaos). So u are like, “Wow Tate’s gay now, that’s wild!” And u hear him talking about he was never into the “whole women thing” so u feel slightly deceived, but life is weird and u move on. But then, when Tate’s marriage breaks up, he’s far from liberated to do his gay-ass thing! Nay, he decides to make a big unconvincing show of banging half-busted mature ladies (Rudy Sarzo, Simon Wright) and of warring with his ex cuz she wants to be with a um straight guy (Todd). And u are like, Geoff just listen to your heart and do an album with Seal already! Figuratively speaking.

Queenryche with Todd La Torre releases Queensryche on June 25 via Century Media.

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