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Motörhead Claim Lemmy is Fine, Celebrate by Canceling Another Show

  • Axl Rosenberg

Breakfast is Served

In the past nine days, it’s been revealed that Lemmy needs a defibrillator now, AND Motörhead have had to cancel two shows due the bassist/vocalist suffering from “a strong hematoma.” So, needless to say, Motörhead fans around the world have been concerned about the ol’ Lemmondrop; after all, the dude isn’t exactly known for leading a healthy lifestyle, and he’s getting up there in years (he’s 67, FYI).

But fret not!, says the Motörhead camp, who took to Lemmy’s Facebook page to reassure fans that Lemmy Winks is still a-okay #1 guy:

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 9.40.57 AM

PHEW! Well, thanks Dio that Lemmy is gonna be okay. I was really worried there for a secon… oh wait what???

“Unfortunately we have to inform you that Motörhead have cancelled their [June 28] appearance at the 2013 With Full Force Festival due to illness. Lemmy is receiving medical care and on the mend, but his current health condition makes an appearance presently not possible. He very much regrets the cancellation, and at the same time promise sto make up the appearance in 2014. We thank you for your understanding and wish Lemmy a quick and full recovery.”

What the crap, man?!? This isn’t reassuring. It’s like if your girlfriend told you she was definitely not cheating on you AS she pulled down some other dude’s pants and proceeded to blow him. Hopefully this is just “unfortunate timing,” but where I come from, we have another phrase for it: “unbelievable denial.”

P.S. Dear Lemmy, if you’re so ill that you have to cancel shows, maybe now is not the time to be drinking. I mean I’m no doctor, but…

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