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Lake Bvkkake Announce Limited Edition 8-Track Reissues!!!


Lake Bukkake 8 Track

Well smack my ass and call me “Darla” if this isn’t the best — and weirdest — news to which I could have possibly awoken:

“Today legendary pornogrind innovators Lake Bukkake announce the reissue of three of their classic albums exclusively on 8-track tape.

“The long out-of-print I Left My Heart in Lake Bukkake, Bukkake Kick Yo’ Ass (Theme Song from “Shafts”), andSalami Sandwich, Don’t Hold the Mayo will be released by the band’s own Let’s All Share Her Recordings on October 8, just in time for National Bukkake Day.

“Drummer Beatdik had the following to say regarding the release: ‘First we kept hearing about all these bands putting their albums out on vinyl, and now we keep hearing about all these bands putting their albums out on cassette. We always like to be ahead of the curve, and besides, those formats are for are for pussies who have to pay a girl to let a guy and his friends throw a bukkake party all over her face. So we’ve decided to re-release some of our greatest hits in the only format that ever really mattered.’

“Pre-orders for these special 8-track tapes will be available soon. In the meantime, the band continues work on their heavily-anticipated reunion album, which they have now announced will be called Bukkakrophagist.” 

It’s always hard to tell with this band when they’re just trolling and when they’re being legit, and for the past twelve years, they’ve had a habit of not doing shit they said they were gonna do anyway. So while I want to buy these like, RIGHT FUCKING NOW, I also don’t know if they’ll ever actually materialize.

I also have to wonder: who will be able to play them, anyway? I mean, I want them because I’m a Lake Bukkake megafan completist (and I know Vince feels the same way!), but I don’t kid myself that I’ll be able to listen to them. Are there hipsters who have 8-track players out there???

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