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Exclusive Track Premiere: Revocation’s “Invidious” (Featuring The Banjo!)



So hotly anticipated is Revocation‘s new, self-titled release that the band made headlines in March simply for posting a photo of guitarist/vocalist Dave Davidson holding a banjo in the studio. “HOW IS THE BANJO BEING USED?!?! AND WHAT WILL IT SOUND LIKE?!?!” we all wondered.There are bands who could post photos of themselves holding the Holy Grail and not get as much press.

Little surprise, though, that the resulting song (which really just features a quick banjo lick early on), “Invidious,” is so powerful that it punches you in face and —BOOM!!! — knocks you straight through the wall. It honors metal’s forefathers without ripping them off; it’s not poppy, but it’s definitely gonna get stuck in your head; it’s sharp, but not slick. It is, in short, the kind of song that makes you go, “EUREKA! This is how metal is supposed to sound!”

And guess what? All of Revocation is that way. It’s a home-run, the kind of album that will get kids into metal and make metal fans high five. We can’t recommend it highly enough.

MetalSucks is very proud to debut “Invidious,” which you can stream below. Revocation’s Revocation comes out on August 6 via Relapse Records — pre-order it here!!! The band will also be a part of this year’s Summer Slaughter tour, along with The Dillinger Escape Plan, Periphery, Animals as Leaders, and more. Get dates here.

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