Most Needlessly Shat Upon Band Reader Bracket

Rounds 13-16: Pantera Vs. Hellyeah, Marilyn Manson Vs. Mushroomhead, Suffokate Vs. Job for a Cowboy, Attack Attack! Vs. Vampires Everywhere!

  • Axl Rosenberg

Shat Brack Rounds 13-16

Interestingly enough, the closest of yesterday’s matches was between the two bands who are probably the most-loathed amongst the bunch: Limp Bizkit and Dope. In the end, though, Dope emerged victorious by a very narrow margin, proving you all kinda-sorta prefer shitty nu-industrial to shitty rap metal. Fair enough! Edsel Dope and friends advance to the next round, along with Megadeth, In Flames, and Abigial Williams, who absolutely MURDERED Asking Alexandria. Other bands that have now fallen by the wayside: All That Remains and Cryptopsy.

And now, onto today’s bouts! Vote for your winners below. The polls close tomorrow, Friday, July 12 at 4:30 pm EST! 

PANTERA VS. HELLYEAHPantera vs Hellyeah

Battle of the Vinnie Pauls! Pantera are often accused of being “overrated,” usually by younger folk who don’t remember what an incredible impact they had the scene; Hellyeah are often accused of being “fuckdiculous,” usually by people with high school diplomas. Which of the drummer’s two bands will emerge victorious? Cast your vote now!


What can we say about these artists that hasn’t been said about Alice Cooper and Slipknot? Strictly speaking, they’re both from Ohio. Maybe they put something in the water there? ANYWAY, decide which will move forward and which will continue to suffer Cleveland steamers below!


Job for a Cowboy helped popularize deathcore, for they take a lot of flack; then their sound evolved into more traditional death metal, and they… continue to take a lot of flack. Would they have been better off if they’d continued to sound like, well… Suffokate? You decide!

ATTACK ATTACK! VS. VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE!Attack Attack vs Vampires Everywhere

Ever seen Sophie’s Choice?

THE BRACKET SO FAR (click to enlarge):Shat Bracket 07_11

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