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The Latest in Sh*t No One Really Needs: LED Guitar Picks

  • Axl Rosenberg

Firefly Pick

Hey kids! Are you in a band? Does your band wanna put on a cool light show as part of your live performances, but can’t afford all those expensive lights??? Well now there’s an easy solution for YOU: The Firefly Pick, “An LED guitar pick that creates a rhythmic light show synchronized to music as it is being played.” Why does this exist? Well… why not? Sooner or later, every silly and potentially profitable idea in the world who come to fruition. (See: bestiality porn, Snuggies, snarky metal blogs, etc.)

So how does this thing work, anyway?

“The Firefly Pick is the most intelligent pick you have ever played with. The high brightness LED’s are driven by a high speed sensor system that can detect playing styles of all kinds. This is all powered by an ultra-thin lithium-ion battery and is rechargeable via micro USB. The Firefly Pick looks and feels like a 3mm Big Stubby pick and with high quality components, this pick will last many years.

“Play the Firefly Pick as you would any other guitar pick and let our carefully-tuned algorithms perform a synchronized light show alongside your music, pulsing the embedded lights perfectly in time with the music. The Firefly Pick accommodates fast and slow action as well as rapid changes in tempo.

“The Firefly Pick’s analog sensor system intelligently detects even the quietest picking action, while simultaneously ignoring the unrelated motions of your environment.”

The creators of this invention, which is guaranteed to change live music performances forever!, are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to try and raise the $30K they need to actually manufacture these babies. You can contribute here. The bad news is, the picks start at $49, which, I shouldn’t have to tell you, is a fuckuvalot more than you’d ever pay for a normal guitar pick. The good news is, they come in a variety of styles… not pick styles, mind you, but color styles. Some even flash multiple colors! And the really, really good news is… they even work on ukeleles!!! (Seriously. They advertise that it works on ukeleles. I guess there’s a big market for this kind of thing amongst the ukelele crowd?) Watch the videos below for some examples.

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