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Turisas Venture “Into the Free” Land of Experimental Folk Metal



Am I the only one who thought the new track Turisas that came out a couple of weeks ago was super-weird? “For Your Own Good” was alright I guess, just super odd, more like a cabaret than the battle metal anthem I was expecting. I’m all for bands evolving and experimenting, but Turisas are one of those bands that should just stick to doing what they do well, nahmean? I don’t really want anything other than epic fight anthems from these dudes.

Now there’s another new Turisas song called “Into the Free” and it’s much more along the lines of what I / you / everyone would expect from these Finns: epic battle metal riffs, big gang vocals, etc. Although the bridge is still super-weird like whoa. Very strange! Here it is:

Turisas2013 comes out on September 3.

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