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Former Varg Vikernes Lawyer: Evidence Against Varg is “Thin”


Varg Arrested in France

Varg Vikernes was arrested yesterday in France on suspicion of planning “a large-scale act of terrorism.” Ain’t that somethin’??? Fool me once…

Now the Norwegian lawyer John Christian Elden, who defended Varg (his mama calls him Kristian) in the 1994 murder trial of his bandmate, has piped up from the peanut gallery to offer his thoughts on the situation, despite admittingly having no contact with Vikernes since the arrest. From the New Straits Times [via Metal Insider]:

In Norway it’s not enough to simply be preparing a terrorist attack. There must be a specific plan against a specific target.

It’s also necessary to have a sufficient basis for an indictment before you can arrest anyone. In Norway he would have been summoned to answer  questions, but he would not have been arrested.

So far it’s less than the Norwegian security services have whenever they arrest Islamists and release them shortly afterwards.”

Elden also used the word “thin” to describe the charges against Vikernes. Which should be taken with a grain of salt, considering this is the guy who defended a convicted murderer and arsonist… and lost.

More on this crazy case as it becomes available.

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