The Safety Fire are Yellowists


Yup, this is good stuff! After a relatively pedestrian music video — by Safety Fire’s standards — the five goofy Brits we know and love are back with another tongue-in-cheek effort that rivals their past work in the hilarity department, done once again without breaking the bank. This is also the first time we’re hearing “Yellowism,” a song from their forthcoming album Mouth Of Swords, out September 3rd. I don’t want to ruin the premise for you, so take a looksee above and watch for yourself.

I’m finally coming around on The Safety Fire’s music, too. Euclid said that at least two points are necessary to make a distinct line, and now that album #2 is coming into focus I’m starting to see what The Safety Fire are shooting for as far as creating their own, unique sound. Sean McWeeney’s vocals are surely a lightning rod for the band in metal circles, but I happen to think they’re great and bring something much welcomed to the table that’s out of the ordinary, much like Protest the Hero’s Rody Walker. I’m genuinely interested in hearing all of Mouth of Swords now. Their manager will probably be very happy about this and if I’m lucky will greet me with an affectionate ball-grab next time we hang out (hi Mike!).

As for Yellowism, I just read this and I still have no idea what it is. Perhaps someone can explain in the comments.

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